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Open source new tool [message #323702] Thu, 29 May 2008 05:08
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I developed open source management tool for oracle. This tool ready to download for beta version.
The tool used developerexpress and odac compenents. But these used components need to licens.
Please return feadback and idea for me.

DBAExplorer allows you to access an Oracle database and perform any administrative task. Here are some of the features of

Object Browser: you can browse through the database objects like, Schema, Tables, Packages, Sequences, Views, Procedures, DB Links, Synonyms, Functions and advanced objects etc.

DBA Utilities: Allows DBAs to perform administrative tasks in a convenient way and most of the time with just clicks. It allows you to create Tablespaces, Rollback Segments, Users and redo log files. DBAConnect also allows you to manipulate all the information regarding an instance, SGA, Block, Free space and to alter wherever it is needed.

Developer Utilities: Allows you to perform the developers related actions like creating tables, views, synonyms, DB Links, Procedures, Functions, Packages and Types. It allows you to execute any SQL command through an editor window. Also provides search facility to find any object, dependencies, relationships between tables and privileges.

DBA Admin: Instance Monitoring & Space Management: includes active and running jobs, SGA information (Shared pool, Library cache, UGA space used, Data Dictionary, Redo log buffer cache, Database buffer cache), Free space information, Locks, Redo log files, Object and Data files, Rollback segment, Session information, User information, Table Space and Data files. You can change or alter any information by clicking on the active link for example to drop a user or to kill a session or even to change control files.

You can download this site:
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