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Query about Oracle Streams. [message #75649] Tue, 30 December 2003 19:22 Go to next message
Vidyanand More
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Hi All,
I am trying to explore Oracle Stream technologies.
To make my requirement clear let us take following example.I identified a table emp in schema scott for oracle streams, as per oracle streams documentation oracle streams will identify Insert/Updte/Delete rows from redo log file & apply LCR in a queue which in turn will propagate to target table lets say tablename emp_change in scott schema.
I suppose the table emp_change whose structure is similar to scott.emp table except 2 more additonal columns change_type & trancation_date, will consist of only changed rows may be for Insert/Update/Delete.
I can use this as source table in Oracle Ware House Builder mapping, I can check whether primary key from source table already exists in the target table or not incase it doesn't exist I can insert rows into target table & if it exists I can update the row, but how about Delete? (I am aware that in a typical data ware house environment Delete of data is not done.)
Is there any way we can propagate type of change i.e. Insert/Update/Delete which can be used further in Oracle Warehouse Builder mapping i.e. while propagating from queue can i propagate change type i.e. Insert/Update/Delete to store change type & transaction date by default set to sysdate?
If the above thing is possible i can use the table emp_change as source to identify Insert/Update/Delete of rows for Transaction Date = Sysdate.
Can someone please confirm whether the above setup can be managed thru Oracle Streams?
Thanks in Advance & Appreciate your help.
Re: Query about Oracle Streams. [message #75678 is a reply to message #75649] Tue, 03 February 2004 06:22 Go to previous message
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i want to insert at a time two tables. can u give me suggestion. how to insert the query.

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