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No shared memory realm, but works w/SQLPlus [message #90876] Sun, 04 November 2001 07:07 Go to next message
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I have no problem connecting to my remote database at school w/SQLPlus...but when I try to run my test java program (w/jdk 1.3.1) it's telling me oracle is not available, shared memory realm does not exist. I honestly have no idea how to reconfigure this...can someone point me in the right direction? Absolute Oracle newbie here. Thanks.

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Jean-Louis Sénégas
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I have the same problem, a JDK 1.3 program works fine with Ora 8.1.6 and prior versions.
But the same problem (ORA01034 and ORA27101) occurs when trying to connect to Ora 8.1.7 (SQL Plus is working too with this database).

Specifications :
Oracle JDBC Thin Driver 8.1.7
Oracle 8.1.7 on NT 4 SP6
JDK 1.3

As it's working with SQL*Plus is it a good idea to increase shared memory size?

plz hlp!
Re: No shared memory realm, but works w/SQLPlus [message #90959 is a reply to message #90955] Thu, 10 January 2002 21:59 Go to previous messageGo to next message
David Harper
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As a first step, check that all Oracle SIDs in your configuration files are case correct (i.e. the SID has the same case everywhere)

Also, check out this MetaLink document:

Doc ID:
Subject: ORA-27101 "Shared Memory Realm Does Not Exist" Connecting Via Net8
Content Type: TEXT/PLAIN
Creation Date: 17-OCT-2000
Last Revision Date: 29-DEC-2000
Language: USAENG
This article is being delivered in Draft form and may contain errors. Please use the MetaLink "Feedback" button to advise Oracle of any issues related to this article.

Problem Description
You are attempting a client connection to an 8i database via sqlplus and receive the following errors:

ORA-01034: ORACLE not available
ORA-27101: shared memory realm does not exist
SVR4 Error: 2: No such file or directory

You have installed 8.1.7 on the same server in a seperate ORACLE_HOME.

Solution Description
1) For local (BEQ) connections:

Verify that ORACLE_SID is set and points to a valid 8.1.7 database which is up and running.

% echo $ORACLE_SID
% ps -ef | grep smon
oracle 24603 1 0 15:22:51 ? 0:02 ora_smon_JUNK

In this scenario, as ORACLE_SID is case-sensitive on the Unix platform, a database called 'junk' isn't running. The fix would be to set ORACLE_SID correctly or to the valid instance.


2) For remote (TCP/listener) connections:

Review the listener.ora currently used to startup the listener and verify the ORACLE_HOME is correct for all listed 8i databases.

If the ORACLE_HOME points to the 8.1.7 software yet the database was created with 8.1.6 or 8.1.5, then this error can occur.

Previously when the ORACLE_HOME or ORACLE_SID was set incorrectly, in the 'oracle' or client user's environment, only ora-1034 was reported.

ORA-01034 "ORACLE not available"

With 8.1.7, the ora-27101 is reporting that the shared memory key generated by the client doesn't match any currently existing keys. This is to be expected if the ORACLE_HOME used by the client isn't the same as the one used to startup the database with or the ORACLE_SID is not correctly referencing the right instance.

Additional Search Words
listener, tnslsnr, parameter, hashing algorithm, attach, SGA.
Re: No shared memory realm, but works w/SQLPlus [message #91343 is a reply to message #90959] Sun, 21 July 2002 19:14 Go to previous message
Augie Priore
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I double checked my listener.ora & tnsnames.ora just to make sure they were right. No luck. Every freakin time I would try to get into a database that I created and added as a service I would get the SHARED MEMORY DOESN'T EXIST OR WHATEVER ERROR!
It was driving me nutz! I reinstalled my win2000 box and wouldn't you no it the same problem kept happening... I finally figured out what the hell was going on after scanning the internet to give me a clue where to look. IE trying to load wrong instance or something of the like... I then searched the registry for the word oracle and after about 5,000 keystrokes later I came upon the section that listed configuration info for the add on database which I chose to install with the system. Anyway to make a longer story shorter I failed to leave out the -pfile parameter in my oradim statement although I had the -new and -sid options (It looked like it started and appeared to be working but I could never get into it) After examining the pfile entry for the addon database and seeing it there but not for the one I created with oradim, I then used the oradim command to delete and recreate the entry, I then shutdown the databases and the listener and fire them back up and what do you know. It worked!!
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