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Versioning and some basic warhouse issues [message #238072] Wed, 16 May 2007 10:32
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Hy all!
I am quite new to warehousing and Oracle Warehouse Builder, and so i would have some questions regarding on some common issues. I would appriciate if you guys would who have experience in this domain to share some good practice knowledge Smile
I am using OWB 10.2

So first of all i would like to know if you have some proposal of the way of versioning control and synchronizing projects between team memebers when working on a bigger project, team memebers that don't work on the same repository (cause i saw that OWB has an integrated multiuser support for handeling object locks and user sessions).
I saw that a way of migrating data from one place to a nother is using the import/export options integrated in OWB. This creates mdl files wich are some kind of "dumps" of the metadata informations, but the thing with these mdl files wich i don't think is a good way to synchronize is that first of all the .mdx and .xml files contained in the .mdl (wich is kind of a zip) contains many informations in it (like creation date, some timestamps, etc) wich are always updated when exporting, and if synchronizing these files maybee using CVS, we always will get differences between the files alltough they would contain the same thing, only timestamps changed.
Then a nother issue with this, is that we could have 2 alternatives: dump the whole project, wich is odd to have to synchronize a single file between users, especialy on a big project, then the orher way would be doing for each object from the project (each mapping, each table, etc) an separate .mdl filem then to synchronize each file of each object, wich will be unefficient on reimporting each file in part.

So please if you can share the way you work on a big project with many implementers with OWB, i would really appriciate.

A nother thing i would like to know is: is there a way to generate from an existing project (like one created with OWB) the OMB commands dump (maybee in a tcl script)? Cause i saw that the way the exeprienced users implement warehousing is using TCL with OMB language. I downloaded the example from oracle for warehouse project, and i saw that is entirely made from tcl scripts (so no mdl file involved). And this i think would be nice, to have the OMB commands generated from an existing projects.
I see this OWB projects like a database wich can be built up from only OMB commands and OWB a graphical tool to do this (same as constructing a database only from DDL commands or using SQL developer to do this), this is why i am asking about a way of dumping the OMB commands for creating an OWB project.

Please give me some advices, and correct me if i sad some dumb things Very Happy but i really am new to warehousing and i would really appriciate if you guys with experience could share some informations.

Thank you verry much!
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