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In OWB i have to make a lot of mappings and have to join even more tables and it would be realy usefull if i can automaticly connect the output fields from the joiner with the new table.

In my new table i use the same fieldnames except with the table name in front of it

Persons(ID, Name, Age, ...)
Teachers(ID, PID, Name, Age, ...)

combined it will be put in
Collection(Persons_ID, Persons_Name, Persons_Age, Teachers_ID, Teachers_PID, Teachers_Name, Teachers_Age, ...)

now i wish there was a way i can put the table name (or sysnonyme) automaticly in front of the output names.

Now it becomes like

can someone tell me if this is possible and if so how..
i heard someone say he saw it at some version but he doesnt know how. im working with version 10g (10.2)

Hope someone can help me .. it should save a real lot of work.
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I don't use OWB so this might be a nonsense from your point of view, but let me try ...

In SQL, you'd use column alias, such as
SQL> select d.deptno dept_dpt_number, e.deptno emp_dpt_number
  2  from dept d, emp e
  3  where d.deptno = e.deptno;

--------------- --------------
             20             20
             30             30
             30             30

Although both columns are named 'deptno', I used aliases.

Perhaps you can do the same; your code might then look like
                             v-------- aliases
Collection (Persons_ID     PERS_ID, 
            Persons_Name   PERS_NAME, 
            Persons_Age    PERS_AGE, 
            Teachers_ID    TEACH_ID, 
            Teachers_PID   TEACH_PID, 
            Teachers_Name  TEACH_NAME, 
            Teachers_Age   TEACH_AGE, ...)
Re: Joiner - Output names [message #239792 is a reply to message #239782] Wed, 23 May 2007 05:44 Go to previous message
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First off thanx for the info!! nice examples altho i cant use them here.

in SQL and PL/SQL its not realy a problem, then its just adding an alias indeed. but im working with Oracle Warehouse Builder (Design Center). In this program im making a join and the names automaticly are given an sequential number if they are found multiple times (same names in other tables).

Now what i need is to add the table name as a prefix (i can skip a fixt survix when joining the tables, but when joinling like 20 tables these wont work becouz i have 20 differend prefixes.

Still hope someone can help me out.
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