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Is this list of lessons are enough for a beginners[ 2 votes ]
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hi all ..

Here, i have given the lesson list for oracle 9i. This lesson list is created for the layman who is new to oracle.

I want my viewers to write comments about this list. I will post the content in upcoming posts.

your comments are very important for me to present the content very effective..

Training on ORACLE 9i

Chapter 01 Fundamentals of ORACLE

• History of ORACLE

• What is oracle?

• Why oracle

• Introduction to Oracle 9i

Chapter 02 Setting up Environment

• Checklist for Installation

• Installation Process

• Trouble Shooting

• Opening application

Chapter 03-Introduction to Database

• What is Database?

• Types of database

• Oracle Architecture



Chapter 04-SQL Basics

• Introduction to sql

• Data types

• Operators and their precedence

• How to open sql * plus for the first time

• Simple select statement

Chapter 05-Data definition Language

• Simple table creation

• Altering a table

• Table creation with sub query

• Constraints in table creation

• Renaming and removing a table

Chapter 06-Data Manipulation language

• Data insertion

• Copying rows

• Updating a table

• Transaction process in table

• Data insertion from other table

• Creating report

Chapter 07-Functions

• Character function

• Date function

• Conversion functions

• Transformation functions

• GROUP function

• Group by and having

• Set operators

Chapter 08- Sub queries and special functions

• If then else

• Decode

• Case

• Sub queries

• Advanced sub queries

Chapter 9-joins, sub queries and user access

• CROSS JOIN or Cartesian product

• NATURAL join or EQUI join

• Outer join (LEFT,RIGHT and FULL)

• Controlling and managing user access

Chapter 10-Managing Schema objects

• External table

• index

• view

• Sequence and synonyms

• Accessing remote Data

Chapter 11-PL SQL

• Introduction to PL/SQL

• DML statements in pl/sql

• Conditions and loops

• PL/SQL Records

• PL/SQL Table

Chapter 12-Cursor, trigger and Handling exceptions

• Explicit and Implicit cursor

• cursor and cursor for loop

• Advanced cursor

• Triggers

• Types of Triggers

• Exception block in pl/sql

Chapter 13-Procedures, functions and packages

• Procedure creation

• Advanced usage of procedures

• Difference: procedure and function

• Function creation

• Package description

• Advanced package concepts

Chapter 14- introduction to data base administration

• Oracle architecture

• Instance

• Oracle process

• Tools for DBA

• Data files

• Control and redo log files

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Michel Cadot
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You succeeded the test.
Now if it is a real post you have to put it in MarketPlace forum.

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I'd rather put it into the Training forum, though ...

Hari-2006, you don't have to write a new topic if this is a "real" one - moderators can move it for you (just say so).

[EDIT] Nope, I believe you are right, Michel - I should have read it more carefully. Also, Hari-2006 has already opened a new topic in the Marketplace forum.
It seems I've wasted some space here for nothing ...

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