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Global Accounting Engine is part of Oracle Financials, which is part of Oracle's E-Business Suite.

Commonly asked questions[edit]

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  • How to find out if customer has Global Accounting Engine (AX) implemented
 Check the Note 121721.1
  • What are the important tables for accounting
  • What are the subledgers those can be handled using Global Accounting Engine
 Accounts Payables
 Accounts Receivable
 Cost Management  
  • How the AX events get generated
 Through the database triggers on subledger tables
  • What are the steps to transfer the data to GL from the subledgers
 Submit AX Posting Manager.
 1. Translate Events
 2. Tranfer to GL
 3. Journal Import
 4. Post to GL
  • Which process push the data into which tables
 Translate Events - Subledger tables and ax_events  -> ax_sle_headers and ax_sle_lines
 Transfer to GL   - ax_sle_headers and ax_sle_lines -> gl_interface
 Journal Import   - gl_interface                    -> gl_je_headers and gl_je_lines
 Post to GL       - gl_je_headers and gl_je_lines   -> gl_balances
 Standalone Balance Calculation
                  - ax_sle_headers and ax_sle_lines -> ax_balances
  • What data will be there in ax_balances
 Balances related to Third Party Control Accounts
  • Some Useful Notes
 AX Trace 231649.1
 AX Debug Profile Options 435504.1
 AX Diagnostics Data Collection 200338.1
 AX-INV Diagnostics Data Collection 300558.1
 AX-AP Diagnostics Data Collection 148388.1
 AX-AR Diagnostics Data Collection 223834.1
 AX Rules 168592.1