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IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a multi-user, multi-channel chat system that runs on a network. It gives people all over the world the ability to talk (type) to one another in real time. Each user has a nickname (handle) and converses with other users either in private or on a channel (chat room). More information about IRC can be obtained from

The Oracle channels[edit]

The following IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels are worth a visit:

IRC Channel Network URL Remark
#oracle Freenode irc://freenode/oracle Probably the most active
Undernet irc://undernet/oracle
DALNet irc://dalnet/oracle
EFNet irc://efnet/oracle
##oracledb Freenode irc://freenode/##oracledb
##oraclelinux Freenode irc://freenode/##oraclelinux Oracle Linux and it's sub components (excluding middleware and the Oracle Database)

Access IRC channels[edit]

You need to install an IRC client program on your workstation before you can connect to an IRC server. If you do not have a client, download one for free from the following locations:

Connect to one of the Oracle channels[edit]

If your IRC client is set up correctly and the network and channel is available, you should also get connected by clicking on the URL in the table above.

Otherwise you can also connect manually: Start your IRC client program and connect to one of the above networks (say, Unless otherwise stated, use port 6667. Join the #oracle channel by entering the following command:

/join #oracle

If you've never visited one of these channels before and have no idea what to expect, just connect to it and sit back and watch for a while to get a feel for the flow of the channel (that's called "lurking"). Most of all enjoy yourself and have fun!

All IRC commands are preceded by a forward slash (/). Enter command "/help" to get a list of available commands.

Uploading scripts and log files[edit]

Most IRC-channels do not allow users to paste logfiles or scripts into the channel. Instead, use a pastebin site and post a short URL to your files for reference purposes.

Some commonly used pastebin sites: